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"A perfect example of where earphones are headed: offering more and showing less."

"The Hy earbuds could be the future of hearables"


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About Hy

Hy is a pair of wireless audio wearables which can be worn all day without affecting your normal hearing. Hy gives the user music, calls, voice assistance and mixed-reality sound, and last for days, with a pair of large batteries than sit, hidden, behind your ears.

Hy's features include Bluetooth® connectivity, hybrid balanced armature/piezo wishbone drivers, active noise cancellation, voice and external microphones, 2×400mAh batteries for up to 12 hours music playback, USB Micro-B charging, gesture sensor, always-on wakeup word and voice control, plus heart rate, body temperature, head motion and activity tracking sensors, all tied together with a companion app for Android and iOS.

The market for smart, wearable devices - which includes smartwatches, fitness trackers, augmented and virtual reality headsets and wearable cameras - is set to treble in size in the next five years and become worth over $25 billion, with the market set to grow from 84 million units sold in 2015 to 245 million units in 2019.

It is widely predicted that smart ear devices, or “hearables,” are the new horizon in the wearables market. The access that the ear offers to entertainment, communication and health information makes it an attractive next step.

"By 2018 the hearable market will be worth over $7.5 billion, after which it will accelerate to over $17 billion in 2020 ... making it the most significant Smart Wearable sector."- Nick Hunn, WiFore Consulting

About Us

Third Skin was founded in 2015 with the intention of creating a new generation of personal technology, in reaction to the crude, inelegant and intrusive standards of the current state of the art.

Third Skin’s mission is to create technology that is intuitive, invisible and constant; to enrich and support lives through technology; remove our dependency to obstructive smartphones and crude peripherals; and to be ahead of the curve in the creation of devices and interfaces for interacting with the intelligent systems of the future.

Ultimately we aim to facilitate society’s transition into a world where accessing information and entertainment is as natural as a sense. Our clothing should be as comfortable as a second skin, and so the technology we wear should be no different - a third skin.