• Ash M

We Are Zoku

At Zoku, we build technology that puts humanity first, that adapts to our needs rather than making us adapt to it. Technology that empowers us to live our best lives as people, not parts of a digital machine.

Our customers’ data is exclusively theirs, not a resource to be exploited by ethically dubious multinationals. That is why all of our products are private by design, processing and securing your data without leaving the device, and giving you sole power to share that data how you decide.

We are passionate supporters of Open Source Software and believe in extending transparency and trustworthiness throughout all layers of our society and governance. Where legally possible, all of our software will be open source.

Great hardware shouldn’t literally cost the Earth. We will see an end to damaging resource extraction, and a move to sustainable, carbon negative and renewable technology development. It is our ambition to become the world's first hardware producer with a 100% ethical supply chain.

Likewise, we are fundamentally opposed to exploitative labour practices, and will always seek to create an ethical supply chain for all our products.

Our entire ethos is built around promoting a healthy work life balance, for both our customers and our employees.

What can you expect to see here?

In this section of the website we will bring you regular updates on the technological progress of our products, as well as feature editorials from the Zoku team and guest writers on subjects close to our heart. We hope to inspire some robust discussion around the past, present and future of wearable technology, and the impact of our industry on wider society. Hopefully, you will find it fun, thought provoking and informative.

Join in the conversation with us, and help us put the humanity back in technology!