A wearable voice assistant

to liberate your senses

in the digital world.

Imagine an instinctive relationship with your technology, experienced through augmented reality hearing.


All day comfort and a battery that lasts for days, effortless voice control, and guaranteed privacy.

"The Hy earbuds could be the future of hearables"

"A perfect example of where earphones are headed"

"I wish this is what AirPods were"


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Stay up to date as we count down to launch!

We'd love to let you know more about Hy, Zoku and what you can expect in the next few months.

with Hy...

... the world tells me its stories

...no interruptions, until I say so

...my voice stays securely with me

... speak, and my thoughts are saved for later

... I know exactly where I'm going

...an audiobook and the Atlantic on one charge

Hy is a unique wearable that puts you first

Hybrid Drive

Ordinary headphones cannot produce bass without blocking your ears.

Hy uses a combination of air and tissue vibration to provide full-spectrum sound.

All day wear

Hy is designed from the ground up to be worn all day, with battery power to match.

Hy's earpieces connects wirelessly to your Bluetooth and to each other


A huge suite of sensors, recording capabilities, voice control, high quality voice synthesis, mixed reality spacial audio rendering and more, tied together by an extraordinary AI personal assistant, to help you with every facet of your life.

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In stores Autumn 2020

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